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When the time has come to start fabricating the steel, the fabricator need to be assessed for progress of the project. Are all the steel already been detailed? Are all the steel been submitted for approval? How many of the drawings came back from approval? How many drawings have been approved? How many drawings have been released for fabrication? If there were design changes, are the drawings on hand current and updated? If drawings are updated, what are their correct revision mark?

During the steel erection phase, there are cases when design drawings and site situation do not agree. There may be design changes. If steel do not erect, there may be detailing or fabrication errors. In this case, the architect, engineer, erector, and fabricator have to coordinate. Dimensional changes are usually the problem and field measures are taken.

If these situations are not handled well, disruption in the fabrication and erection schedule may occur. There may be backcharge notices. In extreme cases, the job is pulled out from the steel detailer or fabricator.

Steel detailers working on many projects at the same time wish they have the means to track all shop drawing changes. Something that the steel detailer can see the history of every shop drawing at will. When the fabricator call the detailer for fabrication or erection problem, the cause of the problem is found and resolved as soon as possible.